Hi, I'm Carmen

It has taken me over 20 years to say YES to myself and to do what my heart and soul calls me to do. 

I'm here to share my lessons with you. 

It's not as scary as you think it is to follow your heart. 

Your negative experiences really do have beautiful lessons in them. 

You are so much more than your negative experiences. 

Because Life has got something in store for you and it's time for you to really live your life the way you're meant to live it. 

From a young age on I saw a discrepancy between how I felt on the inside and what was expected from me on the outside. I didn't know how to handle this and I started to develop a "persona". A person who could - on the surface - go about in this world, but who felt disconnected, scared and frustrated on the inside.

This resulted in me going from a young, sweet girl to slowly sliding a slippery slope road downwards.

In higschool, I started to skip school, started smoking and finally I quit school altogether and moved in with my boyfriend. This was the start of a 2-year struggle to get out of this abusive relationship.

Alcohol and drugs helped me numb my feelings. I found a way to get into university (without the necessary documents) because I thought I would not succeed in life without it. I graduated years later while being a mom and later on a single mom.

Working job after job that didn't resonate I started to experience bad event after bad event. In 2014 I slid into a depression and a burnout.

After that, I slowly started to look at my life and look at how I created the life I had lived so far. Full of doing things that didn't resonate, not fulfilling my soul's calling, experiencing bad event after bad event and not living up to my potential.

I knew deep down I was the one responsible for this and it took me a couple of years to be able to see my own creation of life, see my responsibility in that and to forgive myself for choosing fear over trust time and time again.

I started to look at my life in a different and more empowering way.

I always knew that my outer world reflected my inner world but fear has kept me from changing from within. I just couldn't believe I was able to live a life in line with my true self or do something special with my life.

Looking back I had created so many negative events and experiences but all those experiences were invitations for me to dive deep within myself and transform my limiting and lack beliefs into beliefs in line with my true self.

“thoughts become things….choose the right ones”1 (1)

I realized that I lived through all of these events and experiences. I realized that through everything there always have been people and situations in my life showing me a different way.

I chose to ignore them at the time, but they were always there.

Knowing and seeing that I knew and understood that I was safe no matter what.

I have hit rock bottom twice now already; spiritually, financially and emotionally. The first time I got out of it but I didn't learn the lessons about trust, abundance, and flow. I'm recovering from the second time as I write this.

But this time it's different.

I have learned to uncover my limiting beliefs, to work with my fears, to follow my heart and to trust. This time I'm not scared and full of anticipation of what may come.

I'm changing from within so my outer world can change as well.

not as fast as you would like

During this journey, I've learned and am learning so much and I’m sharing these lessons with you wishing you too will live more in resonance with your true self. Wishing you will not take as much time as I did.

And last but certainly not least: some fun facts:

I love to dance.

I love to go horseback riding.

If you've come this far, thank you so much. I hope this is the beginning or our relationship and the best way to keep in touch is by becoming a member of the Conscious Living with Carmen - community (CLWC - community). 

There you will get inside information and valuable lessons on how you can learn more from your life and start feeling better and better in the life you have now as well as learning how to create and design the life you dream of.

AND, you'll get this amazing workbook for free, filled with 41 pages of valuable content on how life works, the different types of fear and exercises on how to transform those fears.

Thank you so much for your time and attention. I'm so very happy that you're here and I'm so excited for the things to come.